• Nanostructures and nanotechnology in electronics;
• Components of micro- and nanoelectronics;
• Micro- and nanosystems in electronics;
• Mathematical simulation of electronic components, devices and systems.

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• Electronic nanotechnology in biomedicine;
• Biocomponents of nanosystems;
• New Trends in Lab-on-a-chip Technology Development;
• Nanobiosystems simulation;
• Electronics for monitoring, diagnostics and treatment;
• Digital processing and analysis of biomedical signals;
• Interactions between physical fields and biological objects.

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• Power Electronics;
• Airborne electronic systems;
• Telecommunications and acoustoelectronic systems;
• Radar systems and signal processing;
• Remote sensing;
• Multistatic electronic systems;
• Polarimetric and Doppler techniques.

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Deadline for submission of papers extended until January 31, 2019

Organizing Committee of 39th IEEE International Conference on ELECTRONICS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY (ELNANO-2019) wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We would like to announce that deadline for submission of papers is extended to January 31, 2019. Paper submission is organized through EasyChair system:

About 2019 IEEE 39th International Conference on Electronics and Nanotechnology

2019 IEEE 39th International Conference on Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO-2019) will be held on April 16-18, 2019 at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The wellknown professionals as well as post-graduate students from Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United

Scientific-Technical Journal “Microsystems, Electronics and Acoustics”

Editorial board of the Scientific-Technical Journal “Microsystems, Electronics and Acoustics” (ISSN 2523-4447, e-ISSN 2523-4455) invites the participants of ELNANO to publish scientific articles based on the results of the conference in the professional edition of Ukraine. The article should be at least 6 pages, designed according to the requirements of the journal, which can be found on

About Conference Founder

During 27 years the conference has been being opened by him, always elegant and unique Vitaliy Petrovich Sigorskiy (22.11.1922 – 13.08.2007).  Vitaliy Petrovich Sigorskiy was born in Cherkasy region, Bubnova Slobodka village of the Zolotonoshskyi district. How to walk and how to read he learned almost simultaneously. His mother Maria Trofimivna Lisenko was a teacher